Accessibility for The Deck


All entrances to the National Theatre have wide doors. There are semi-automatic doors on either side of the main riverside entrance. The floor in the main entrance foyer is granite, with a hard brick surface marking the transition from the main entrance to the four main lifts. As you arrive out of the lifts on to level three, where The Deck is situated, it is carpeted, with a ramp leading out on to the Terrace which is paved. You then follow the path round to The Deck which has deck flooring inside and outside.

The Deck is fully accessible but the Client should be aware that the number of wheelchair users who can be accommodated in some Sites may be limited to two by reason of Health and Safety regulations. Please check with the NT Representative.

The Deck has a disabled toilet located in the space.

There is free parking in the NT car park for Blue Badge holders attending an event at The Deck.